A plugged drain or broken sewer pipe may mean unexpected expenses, closed facilities, and loss of revenue.  But what if you can coat the inside of the pipe while it’s in the ground so that it doesn’t require excavation and will continue to perform for years, guaranteed?

Introducing Elite’s Picote, a non-intrusive service that renovates old or deteriorated drains and sewers by applying a damp-proof, corrosion- and wear-resistant liner on the inside surfaces of pipe runs.  In many cases, the liner repairs imperfections in the pipe, allowing drains to flow like new.  And the pipes being treated are augured clear to prepare for the coating, so drainage is great from the start.

Pay once and have a clean-running pipe for the next 10 years, guaranteed.

  • Non-invasive process means minimal site disruption
  • Less expensive than excavation and replacement
  • Certified installers for high-quality application
  • 10 year guarantee on material and labor*

*Guarantee requires quarterly Elite hydro-jetting agreement including camera inspections of the coating.