Nobody likes being in the dark

If we got your back, you’ll never be in the dark. Our team of highly-skilled technicians are qualified, equipped and prepared to service all your lighting needs. Whether it’s on-demand services that needs immediate attention or routine monthly inspection services to ensure your property is up to PAR, there is nothing we can’t do.

On Demand and Emergency Lighting Services

Elite offers a full line of lighting services and repairs you can request at will and on demand when you need it most. Power outages, circuit shorts, tripped breakers, dim or flashing lights are a few reasons why our customers contact us for on demand and emergency lighting services. Available 24-7, we are always prepared for you. Our full list of lighting services includes but are not limited to:

  • Interior and exterior lighting repairs
  • E.D. high efficient lighting retrofits
  • Exterior parking lot lighting
  • Parking garage lighting
  • Installation and replacement (new or existing components)
  • Specialty lighting
  • Fixture and pole cleaning
  • Lamps, ballasts, and lens
  • Fixtures, poles, and controllers
  • Energy efficient facility re-lamping
  • Lighting audits, pole numbering and mapping
  • Title 24 Improvements and Upgrades
    • Interior and exterior lighting repairs
    • E.D. lighting retrofits
    • Exterior parking lot lighting
    • Energy efficient motion sensors

Routine Lighting Audits and Services

Are you tired of what seems like endless calls about lights being out?  Do you want to find a contractor that believes your lighting is as important as you believe it is? Then look no further and set-up a lighting agreement with Elite.  With every lighting agreement comes Piece of Mind.  Piece of Mind is priceless.

Our lighting agreements are very flexible and can be customized to fit your budget and demand.  We recommend monthly lighting audits to be sure your property is well lite and safe at all times in every season throughout the year.  Agreement frequencies can range from Monthly to Semi-Annually depending on the project and the goals you are trying to achieve.

Lighting agreements are performed day or night depending on the property.  In most cases, lights can be repaired at the time of the audit saving valuable down time and maximizing results.  Each audit includes clear and concise communication back to the client with details about the audit including what lighting was out and what lighting was repaired.  Before and after photos comes with each service.

Lastly, when you secure a lighting agreement with Elite, you also secure a reduced hourly rate for any lighting work performed on that property for the term of that agreement. Contact us today to secure your lighting agreement before the next standard rate increase.

Specialty Lighting Services

‘Tis the season for specialty lighting or holiday decorations?  No mater what the holiday or celebration, Elite has the equipment and experience to decorate your property just the way you want it.

Our specialized lighting services include:

  • Holiday lighting – temporary installation programs (put up and take down)
  • Seasonal and festive site decorations
  • Displays and banners
  • Pole light arrangements and stringers
  • Temporary safety lighting
  • Tree and/or shrub lighting (landscaped areas)
  • Owner-provided materials and/or contractor-supplied materials

How High Can We Go?

Elite has the capability to reach pole lighting as high as 60′ using our own equipment.  Specialty equipment can be provided for work above a 60′ working height.  No matter the height, Elite will get your project lit!

Contact us now for a solution to all your lighting needs.