Elite Service Experts is a Family-Owned Business Delivering
the Best Property Maintenance Services in Northern California.

Our Work Family

Elite Service Experts, Inc. is a full service maintenance company that specializes in plumbing, lighting, electrical, landscaping and general maintenance services, self-performing 95% of services we offer to commercial businesses and properties throughout Northern California.

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Our Values


No gossip, no bullying, paying close attention to detail in all communications and immediately resolve conflict of any kind.


Genuinely caring for others, seeing a need of others and acting before being asked and a desire to alleviate stress or frustration.


Always doing the right thing even when nobody is watching, conduct business fairly, behave wisely and conduct ourselves in a proper manner at all times.


Believing in the unbelievable, firm belief in something without physical proof and knowing anything can happen.



Licensed Service Experts

Professionally licensed, insured and bonded in the State of California to self-perform all services offered – CLSB #1028975. Elite holds 5 classifications under our license. Please be careful and make sure the contractor you are hiring holds the correct classification for the work they are performing. Look up a contractor’s license here.


Cost Effective Solutions

Because we know price does matter, we invest in ways to reduce your costs and ensure the very best in pricing. Investments include internal apprenticeship programs to reduced our average hourly costs, owning equipment like lifts others would rent, improving field software for efficiency, and more.

Price does matter.


Red Carpet Experience

We are continuously making improvements to our processes to improve and positively impact our clients experience. The way we deliver service is our differentiator. Our Red Carpet Experience is to be the best in delivering service.



Our mission is simple… Be the “Best” in delivering service. Improve the lives and businesses of those we connect with. Serve others the way we want to be served.

MATT 7:12